Great balls of ire!

October 28, 2008

The tickle tackle of men may dare,
To daily make my temper flare.
As once a chap from Cork did mock,
“Yer shockin angry about the cock!”


3 Responses to “Great balls of ire!”

  1. glitterkitty Says:

    well dorothy, i’ve been ‘shockin angry about the cock’ myself on occasion.. no harm in that, kick them outside in this weather til an apology comes your way!

  2. Dorothy Darker Says:

    What a splendid idea dahling. Should one kick them out in this weather there wouldn’t be much to get angry about! Though finding one to kick out in the first place tends to be the problem…

  3. donal Says:

    Us poor lads from Cork didn’t know what hit us on Sunday! Great performance, I’ll have photos up on Swing Dance Cork and my own site soon.

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