Paradoxically Perfect

November 6, 2008

When love is awe inspiring,
The cynic ‘s not allowed.
But every silver lining,
Must always have a cloud!


3 Responses to “Paradoxically Perfect”

  1. glitterkitty Says:

    i saw your little ditt-ee
    earlier on beaut-dot-i-ee
    dorothy, you’re a brat
    to use such words about your cat 😉

  2. Dorothy Darker Says:

    All that glitters…
    From the average nasty rat,
    I must protect my fluffy cat.
    Don’t judge me, dear, if I sound bitter
    Cause my ‘kitty’ doesn’t glitter!

  3. glitterkitty Says:

    ah dorothy! i get the impression you’re a v shiny sparkly kitty!

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