Show me heaven!

November 24, 2008

My dear boy, you silly sod,
You do not have to be a god.
But if, my heart, you must possess,
Make me feel like a goddess!


4 Responses to “Show me heaven!”

  1. glitterkitty Says:

    now, i have an enquiry
    is saturday’s brunch marked in your diary?
    forgive me if i’m being a nosey parker,
    but im intrigued to meet miss dorothy darker

  2. Dorothy Darker Says:

    One seeks her here, one seeks here there,
    One seeks Miss Darker everywhere.
    Existence is a contradiction
    Is it fact, or is it fiction?

    Dahling, fraid I won’t be attending in person though will send a representative along should you have any questions!!!!


  3. glitterkitty Says:

    fabulous! i shall ensure i bring along my best quill & ink and some parchment, no doubt there’ll be notes to take!

  4. Gray Wright Says:

    The sort of thing one should have on an embossed card for men when you first meet them. Would weed out an awful lot of the inappropriate ones.

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