Dahling Dorothy!


Dorothy Darker loves to sin,
Devouring men and drinking gin.
Cross her and be ripped apart
By caustic verse and ice cold heart!


Dorothy’s Dates!

20 September 2010: The Vertical Rhythm Club at the Button Factory, Temple Bar, Dublin (Absolut Fringe 2010)


All content is copyright © Under the Covers with Dorothy Darker 2007


5 Responses to “About”

  1. conor Says:

    Hey Dorothy,
    I have to say I love your verse
    And I confess what’s more(and worse)
    That I contemplate Miss Darker’s blog
    When braver men would meet and snog

  2. Mike Says:

    True words are spoken by Ms Darker
    But now the time has come to park her
    Please write some more of one Beau Britches
    And damn us men to be in stitches

  3. conor Says:

    I think the time has come at last
    To condemn the future to the past
    Let Beau be bold let Monty mount
    And hold the author to account
    As on the gallows hanged for treasons
    So let your books hang out in Easons
    And may he bring you fame and riches
    That knave and varlet Beau of Britches!

  4. Dorothy Darker Says:

    My boys, why don’t you contemplate,
    The best things come to those who wait.
    I’ll write it when I get a chance,
    So keep your pinkies in their pants!

  5. Danielle Says:

    Ms .Dorothy, you’re quite the creature,
    Your devlish verse should be a feature,
    Us ladies from swing do quite adore,
    Your tales of men and lusty whores!

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