A fine vine year

November 21, 2009

Like fragrant cheese and vintage wine,
Some things just improve with time.
It follows, then, that one shall thrive,
While looking swell at thirty five!


Vintage is in vogue!

November 3, 2009

Perhaps the fates may grant my wish,
And serve it to me on a dish.
In hope, go I, in my best frocks,
To step out with a silver fox!

While browsing at the Vintage Fair,
Saw lonely Fred with snow white hair,
Twas the beginning and not the end,
When I brought home my foxy friend!

Playing Dead!

October 21, 2009

You are the one whom I did pick,
My furry foxy Frederick.
And while you take away my breath
Your little face looks scared to death!

Ode to Frederick!

October 20, 2009

At the Vintage Fair I found
A fox who liked to hang around.
I brought him home, and named him Fred,
So now he is no longer dead!

Weight Watching!

January 29, 2009

Pleasure is a piece of cake,
A lifetime on the hips mistake.
Such calories I contemplate,
But damn well have to watch and wait!

Menstrual Psychos!

December 5, 2008

My body aches in all my curves,
The world is getting on my nerves.
I do not know what’s wrong with me
Now I’m consumed by PMT!

Plucky Birds

December 4, 2008

Perhaps if chaps sport a movember*,
Ladies copy in December.
Lets grow our taches, be they moose,
If its good for the gander, its good for the goose!

*growing unsightly upper lip hair in November for Charity

IBS Blues

December 2, 2008

The lights are on, the stage is bare,
They’ll stick that camera anywhere.
I take a bow and don my robe
Preparing for my anal probe!

Mother nature falls

November 26, 2008

Erase the stormy waves from sea?
Cut down the wrinkled knotted tree?
But when the ides of youth are shed
One may pump poison in one’s head!